Hi, everyone!  I’m Natalie, and I am the creator and maker behind Wool & Warp. I got started knitting over 13 years ago when my Grandma taught me, and haven’t stopped since.  The tediousness of knitting brought my mind a peacefulness that I only ever experienced while meditating. While studying for my BA in Textile Design, I nerdily had to have classes where there was a right and wrong answer, {call it my safety net in art school} for me that was Math. My passion for fiber arts was born. Whether it is knitwear designing, weaving, or dyeing yarns, the right side and left side of my brain are at play with one another.

Mother Nature is my muse in how I create patterns, my color inspiration, the simple way I live my life, and where I pull all of my dyes from. I want to give back to nature in whatever way I can, which is why I am committed to donating 5% of all sales to Arbor Day Foundation.

I wanted to create a space where I could merge all of my passions in life and hopefully make something of it. And, voila! Wool and Warp was born. My hope is that this blog inspires you to participate in Slow Fashion {whether that is being a maker yourself, or as a wearer}.

The Randomness: I am married with four fur-babies and live in the most beautiful state in North America – Colorado. I am a true-crime nerd, podcast fanatic, and coffee addict. I mostly wear black, but can be find 99% of the time laughing or making jokes.